Match Report
Shiplake College Boys-Junior A vs  Pangbourne College
On: Wednesday, 27 Feb 2019
Venue: Away

We were excited to travel to Pangbourne and their great facilities. The weather was perfect and our warm-up went well. Pangbourne were all physically larger and stronger than us (all year 10 vs our year 9s!) and we new it was going to be a very tough match.

The match started well and Shiplake moved the ball quickly around the park on a number of occasions. We created an early opportunity but were unable to release a powerful on-target shot on goal. Pangbourne were great in their counter attack and we gave them too much respect and space on the pitch. This allowed them to have uncontested shots on goal, with 3 going in during the first half. We created another 2 opportunities during the first half and could have changed ends with the score even, unfortunately, it was not meant to be.

The 2nd half saw Pangbourne start strongly and they were able to score 2 quick soft goals. We picked ourselves and played brilliantly for 10 minutes - Pangbourne were on the back foot and we were able to force a short corner, which resulted in a great goal from Henry Poustie. This energised the boys and we were able to keep pressing Pangbourne. Unfortunately, their physical strength and skill had us on the defense in the last 7 minutes of the game and they were able to sneak in 1 absolute belter and unfortunately, another soft goal.

The final score was 1-7. Great hard work and skills from Zac Bailey-Williams and Milo Griffiths in the mid-field and Sam Gillen up front.