Match Report
Shiplake College Boys-Junior B vs  Abingdon School Boys-U14B
On: Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019
Venue: at Home

Wed 13th Feb vs Abingdon at RHC

What a lovely game of hockey to watch. It was end-to-end attack and counter attack. Great defense from Oliver Roullier saw the ball stolen in our D and then a string of passes put together by Josh Sommerville, Henry Poustie and Milo Griffiths saw Taj Angell and Archie Smith in the 25m area with attacking opportunities. Milo played an excellent support role of being the release pass to almost everybody and was relentless in his defensive work. Near the 20 minute mark, Archie found himself on the edge of the D, after squeezing the defense and was able to calming belt-one into the bottom left corner. Half-time saw us leading 1-0.

The team talk focused on the great defense we were showing and how to turn strongly with the ball. The second half saw Abingdon start strongly on attack but each time the defensive team of Roullier, Poustie, Bland and Sommerville were able to break it down and build from the back. We have multiple attacking moves down the right and Angell was able to put in some good crosses into the D. Unfortunately, Abingdon were strong on the last tackle and it would find its way back to mid-field where Ollie Lewis, Griffiths and Henry Doyle would start us off again. The last 10 minutes saw Roman Shainskyi with the ball at left striker. He showed good skill in being able to turn strong and cross the ball to the top of the D. The game ended with all 11 boys very tired but very happy with the result. Shiplake College win 1-0.